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My name is Magebit and I've been building my fortune in Gielinor for over15 years. Each week my co-hosts and I follow the news and report our findings in an informative and entertaining format. I hope you will join us as we break down the facts and provide entertaining and analytical debates of what matters today. And of course, Happy Scaping!

Runescape Weekly Podcast 06/29/2018


You’re listening to Runescape Weekly 6/29/18. I’m your host Magebit, with 17 years of Runescape experience. Joining me today:

Dir Co Host



Broken Broken Home

Temple of Aminishi

Enhanced Magic Note Paper

You Can’t be Serious

Why jagex

Open Discussion: Elite Dungeon Boss Pet

Are 2018s PVM Updates Missing Something?

Live Events Team Dev Blog

Dev Blog Comments

You Can’t be Serious

Time to Quit

Mistakes You’ve Made

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