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My name is Magebit and I've been building my fortune in Gielinor for over15 years. Each week my co-hosts and I follow the news and report our findings in an informative and entertaining format. I hope you will join us as we break down the facts and provide entertaining and analytical debates of what matters today. And of course, Happy Scaping!

Runescape Weekly Podcast 12/15/2017


You’re listening to Runescape Weekly 12/15/2017. I’m your host Magebit with over 16 years Runescape XP. On today’s show.

Sr Co Host

The G-Gnome Project

Mining & Smithing Rework Showcase

Pyrns Patch notes (if needed)

Pyn’s Arc quest:

Skilling Pet Chances,75,692,65973140,goto,1#0

Sky News giving loot boxes some attention

First Runescape Experiences from a 15 year vet

This is what impulsive personality looks like

Faster XP Servers

Scammers get defensive when you call them on out

Bond pouch suggestion,374,563,65972688

Banned Swapping Gold


Ryan - Today at 10:42 PM
Wanted to know what you thought of the twitch lootboxes for watching the stream, and if they should let other streamers use them. Keep up the great show dude!

Server submerge.,17,636,65971601

JAGEX WHAT THE PROBLEM?!,15,664,65972505

Accused of using 3rd party software (the obligatory false ban),15,185,65972741

Skilling pets are available from Xmas event,15,112,65972310

More player mods needed,15,35,65939105

Java 1.7 client (for the laughs),15,852,65972247


Combat rework,420,615,65973114

Advent calendar problem,16,523,65972933






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