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PvM Perspective: Boss Drop Rates, Runefest, & 120 Slayer Update


PvM Perspective: Boss Drop Rates, Runefest, & 120 Slayer Update

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Listener Questions

Jamminjake22 asks: Could you go into depth on the uses and utility of the limitless sigil. I know it's been talked about a little but as far as I know it's starting to be used a lot more and I don't really know in what situations it's best.

Drop Rates
Best telos method: 800-999?,75,52,65949497,62,341749025,#62,75,52,65949497,goto,9

-status of 4taa (continuous, confusing-ish jmod response, balance or remove?)
-mod pi-revo changes+full manual epic
-weapon diversity
-raids 2
-be your own master

120 Slayer Updates

WILDERNESS SLAYER IS AWESOME!!! (erskine+demonic skull bonuses)
Abby demons, Waterfiends, Dark Beasts, Kalg Demons, Lava Strykres, Ice Strykes
New Max XP Methods for: ripper demons, living wyverns, gemstone dragons
Cinderbane gloves=awesome, power to the hybrid armor!
Post-Menaphos Slayer, list of things to talk about

120 reactions
Wilderness slayer
Updates on XP rates
New dungeon
New sigils
Slayer codex/Personal dungeon
New(ish) min-max methods
No new slayer master :c
Task weighting

Wrapping Up
You can reach Hana in game at Hana Quinn
You can reach David in game at Kabru

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A Twitter @PvMPerspective
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